Chord and Scale Generator

Download the Chord and Scales Generator


Note: Right click and save it to your computer.

After download (1) click the file and then click ‘Run’. (2) You will then get a ‘Welcome’ screen, click the ‘Next’ button. (3) Then you will get a license agreement, click the ‘I accept the agreement’ button and click ‘Next’.  (4) Choose a location to install the program to, usually the default location is fine and click ‘Next’. (5) Clcik ‘Next’ again. (6) At this point you can create a desktop icon, then click ‘Next’. (7) Click the ‘Install’ button. This will take about 5 seconds. (8) Click ‘Finish’.

You now have the Chord and Scale Generator on your computer, have fun !!

 This screenshot shows notes on the staff but if you click the guitar radio button it will display tablature.

1 - Menus As with most programs the menus allow the user to perform tasks aside from the normal tasks allowed by the various elements of the GUI. The SCG menus are as follows: 

  Rebuild Database Rebuilds the app’s database in the event of a corruption
  Exit Exits the app
  Help Displays the help window
  About Displays the about dialog box
2 - Display Type Determines what type of graphical display is used. As soon as a selection is made, the display will change.
3 - Active Display Determines whether the current chord or scale is displayed.
4 - Display The graphical representation of the current chord or scale is displayed here.
5 - Selection Box Labels The chord selection box label and the scale selection box label will be changed to all caps according to which one has been selected.
6 - Chord Selection Box The list of all available chords. When a chord is selected, it’s relative scale will be displayed in the scale selection box.
7 - Scale Selection Box The list of all available scales. When a scale is selected, it’s relative chord will be displayed in the chord selection box.
8 - Key Selection Box List of all keys.
9 - Notes List Displays the list of all notes in the current chord or scale.


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