Guitar Scales Chart

Guitar Scales Chart

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Root Note for Guitar Scales Chart Major Guitar Scales Minor Guitar Scales
         E              Major              minor
         F              Major              minor
         G              Major              minor
         A              Major              minor
         B              Major              minor
         C              Major              minor
         D              Major              minor


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7 Responses to Guitar Scales Chart

  1. Rammer Jammer says:

    Hey Guitar Scales Chart – Thanks for the guitar scales. Cool diagrams and tab. Please get the videos added to your guitar scales pages ASAP. Looking for to the arpeggios. Later for now \m/

  2. The Guitar God says:

    I was wondering why you didn’t put all the guitar scales on one page but I see now that would be one huge page of guitar scales. It is good that you have diagrams and tablature for each guitar scale and them have them on 4 positions. Yeah, definitely get those minor pentatonic and arpeggios up as soon as you can Rock On !!

  3. The Guitar God says:

    Also, put some sharp and flat guitar scales on here too

  4. Silly Me says:

    Some of this guitar scale patterns are moveable and you can play them up and down the neck. I expected a printable chart of guitar scales but this is really cool the way it is set up. Can you put some jazz guitar scales up too?

  5. b. leal says:

    good scales look forward for arpeggios

    thank and keep up the good work


  6. I like the look of the guitar scales chart. Diagram above with scales underneath. Might do something like that for my students.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. dan says:

    loving this website very helpful and arpeggios from hell rocks!!keep up the good work guys,cheers.

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